Photograph courtesy of Gary Mankus

Photograph courtesy of Gary Mankus

About Lisa Wederquist

Lisa was born in Germany in 1956. She grew up in Colorado Springs,Colorado, exploring the foothills and canyons of the Rocky Mountains, where she developed an essential connection to the natural world.

Lisa studied art and industrial design at Colorado College, City College of San Francisco, and Pratt Institute. Living in San Francisco and New York, Lisa experienced the vital richness of urban life. 

She has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1991.




Artist Statement

The ancient and elemental qualities of clay compel me to make works that evoke and explore our most basic, even primal experiences of everyday life. Intimacy, awakening, holding, gestating, breaking, sometimes exploding, mending, and building again.

Clay demands interaction, a listening touch, a tactile call and response, an invitation to go deeper. Curiosity and love for mud have found a home in my creative spirit.